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Lighthouse Baptist Church
Mens Ministry


Lighthouse Baptist Church Men of Godly Faith


Ministry Director
Deacon Vernon Clemmons




Our mission is to maintain a foundation and environment for all men to learn, share, and live the GOD-inspired teachings of the Holy Bible.  Continue to enhance all men’s capability to lead in their home, church, and community according to the GOD-inspired teachings of the Holy Bible.  To present the truth of GOD’s Plan of Salvation, so that all who hear HIS Word will have the opportunity to accept HIS Son, JESUS CHRIST, as their Savior and LORD.


Encourage all men to trust and depend on GOD’s Word as the final authority of Christian living.  To give all men an opportunity to develop and grow in their relationship with
GOD, through the acceptance of JESUS CHRIST, and guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT.


 1. Enthusiastic Support & Involvement of Leadership -  It takes the commitment of the leadership team to successfully reach the men of the church and community through prayer and a willingness to serve.  We are excited and honored to serve the Men of Godly Faith!  We can have alot of faith in the wrong things and receive little results, but the faith a size of a mustard seed in GOD can move mountains!  Therefore we are Men of Godly Faith.

2.  We are Purpose-Driven rather than Event-Driven - Events may attract the men, but the purpose of the event(s) are to build relationship through fellowships, bible studies, and open discussions.  There must always be a strategic planning of events for men, so that we don't become exhausted from being over tasked. We want to take advantage of every opportunity to minister to one another and grow in our relationship with GOD.

3. We are People-Based rather than Task-Based - We need more than an agenda, tasking, and to-do list to grow.  Although it is necessary for men to roll-up their sleeves and work, our primary purpose of the ministry is focused on the growth of an individual's spiritual maturity and closer relationship with GOD.

4. Make Disciples; Pray For Workers - Being empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped with GOD's Word, all men are capable of doing the work of the LORD.  Men must have the opportunity to grow in discipleship.  Through discipleship, men become more than workers, we become servants of GOD in our homes, churches and communities.  We want to be the kind of servants who are willing to work!

5. Focus on GOD's Living Word - We don't need to make "GOD's Word come alive" because we serve a living GOD.  Therefore HIS inspired Word is living within us.  We must allow GOD's Word to be the "Coming Attraction" of the ministry.  We must honestly seek HIS Will and encourage one another to consistently apply it to our lives!  Let us worship the Living GOD in the Spirit and in truth, for these are the kind of worshipers the FATHER seeks!

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